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Mix by: GO RAND

Album: Jamendo Cosmic Mix

Big World Electronic Mix

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About me

I started to explore and make music at the age of 14. My first steps were inspired by danceable electronic music, first by the commercial dance tracks around 1990. Ever since, music has an important place in my life - although the music i listen to has changed a lot since that initial phase.

At first, i tried to make music on my home computer (the C64) and experimented in the DJing area, searching for the best way to mix music. I also made experiments in the software and hardware sector, writing music software, building DJ mixers, modifing cassette recorders, and adding MIDI support to the C64 to combine 8-bit music with keyboard sounds.

All these experiences lead to a final big effort around 1995. I bought a PC, a sound card and wrote a complete music making software suite for the PC. The album "intensity" features some results of this work.

Around the same time, i bought my first world music CD (from Peter Gabriel). I began exploring the world of music (not only world music) - I love to listen to sounds i have never heard before. More and more i felt, making ("programming") music with computers was a too indirect and sterile way for me to get the sounds out of my head into reality - the dream awoke to play real instruments. Inspired by world musicians and also the argentine tango, i began to learn playing the accordion - an instrument much more versatile than usually assumed. I love improvising and not knowing what to play in the next second. Sometimes the accordion can sound like a big church organ and sometimes like a children instrument - and sometimes like a computer... Sometimes it sounds deeply sad and sinister, sometimes light and merry.

And still, there is so much to explore in the world of music...

About the Album

The tracks on this album are mostly inspired by trance, rave and afro/cosmic music from the early 90s. They were created using self-written music-software around 1995.

Track 1 (Cosmic #3) and 2 (Singrola) are inspired by the "afro/cosmic" style mostly heard in discos in souther germany, austria and italy. This style combines world music elements with hard, slow (around 110 BPM) and entrancing beats:

Over house (Track 3 - Modern Times), techno (Track 4 - The Final) and commercial dance tracks (Track 5-7, Roots music, Moments, The Flight) the album leads over to two trance/ambient tracks (Track 8 - The Phase Lock and Track 9 - Spheres). The two add-on-tracks (at the end) are remixes of tracks also found on this album.

Other things i do

See here: http://www.dunkelbrauer.de :-)